Help using object points

Hello. If I edit points on an object (adding a few points), is it possible to somehow add collision/actions by referencing those individual points?

As an example I’ve drawn two rectangles with three different coloured squares in them. I would like to have condition/action when two identical colour squares intersect. (Like a puzzle game)

Any ideas?

There are probably several methods but the one I would try is to make different colored squares as objects and put them together as rectangles. Then you could easily reference the squares and even randomize the combination of squares for your rectangles.

This would work absolutely perfect except I have been unable to find a way to join multiple objects (like welding them so they stay together). I am very new to all this, but have been surprised by how much I can accomplish using gdevelop. Any suggestions on how to weld or join multiple objects?

Thank you very much for the reply btw :grinning:

You could create an “attach”-point for each square and in the events you can put the rectangle together by referencing the points. For moving the squares together you can use the “Position of an object”-action and reference again the “attach”-point. Just check the events below, you just have to modify it in a way that it suits your idea (how the rectangles are created, how they move etc.).

Gdevelop is definitely a great engine.

There are also some conditions and actions that can simplify this, whether it be linking objects or using the “pin an object around another”.

Pinning may be an easier way to acconplish what was mentioned in the post above.

Thank you both very much! I should be able to proceed now! (Well at least on this issue)

Thanks again! :smiley:

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