Help whit the sprites

Hi! i start to use GDevelop like a month ago and this is a so cool engine and easy to learn, im making a game and had plans to put it on steam, but i run into an issue, i want to add support for a some resolutions 4:3 and 16:19, but the problem is when i resize a sprite (in game via options(the ones i make) or in engine) the sprite dont looks smooth,the edges looks clipped (i try whit the engine smoothing option On and Off), i make the sprites whit transparent background and then export to a .png matching the highest resolution of my game (1080p), idk if im doing something wrong, i wish you can help me.


Hi, you can ask to the player, what is the résolution of her/his tv and make a event who change the size of objects (use size in “x”, “y”, or the size by the origin).
Or change the zoom of the camera in office of the resolution, and make the objects bigger or smaller they are.
By, (i’m french, scuse me for the language).