Help with building navigation

Hey there folks
hey am having trouble building navigation into my project, I have back buttons in the top left to switch scenes, but I keep getting double triggering, ie; click back it then triggers back on the new scene as well (taking me two scenes back instead of one). Any ideas how to prevent it ?

I have tried using a combination iof mouse up and mouse down but that has not worked.



I have made a quick fix by only using mouse button was released for my navigation buttons.
This is preventing the double triggering occurring from mouse button down when the new scene is loaded and the mouse is over the back button in the new scene.

Any suggestions on how to stop the double triggering with mouse button down would still be appreciated.



You want the “Trigger once” condition, which you can find in the Advanced section of the add condition window.

A drawback with the button released approach is that moving the mouse outside the game window will also trigger the event, IIRC.

Thanks for the tips Matt

Hi MobileNoob,

Not sure if this is useful, but what i did for something similar was to use a timer condition greater than 0.2 seconds before the key is enabled.

Something like this

Condition - (Timer greater than 0.2 seconds)
Key pressed

Action - (change scene)
pause timer
reset timer