Help with creating a Multiplayer game.

So, I have some questions about the Network extension.
So, I created a game, and now I’m wondering how to make it so the person who wants to play with other players can just put in the ip of the person that is hosting. So without the person whos hosting having to know the ip of the new player.
Is there such thing, or something similar?

The netwrok extension is deprecated, it shoudl be removed from Gd in the future… it’s sad, and we do not have any more informations on this. I hope there will a replacement plugin.

To answer your question, “no”, you have to use ip adress.

I dont get it, if its deprecated, why don’t they create a new extension for multiplayer ability?

Hum maybe i mistaken then, but i didn’t noticed any “new” network extension in the past changlogs… Nothing on trello at least and i didn’t see any topics on it… Sorry if i mistaken.

It’s still in the extensions, and also says “deprecated” next to it.
The Multiplayer example still works though last I checked a few weeks ago. :confused:

Ok so i was right, the old deprecated extension is still available but will be removed in the future versions. Not sure a newone will replace it…

All it means it is outdated and may going to broke at some point, in other words it is unreliable and insecure.

Nobody has ever mentioned the support for the network feature is stopped and never will be updated again.
I don’t know where did you get this from. This is not the first time you mention this on the forum but you never reply when I ask who, when and where said this?

Eventually it should be updated at some point at least when it completely broke and stop working.

But really, I don’t understand why we need to speculate on this, I don’t believe that 4ian is so busy his haven’t got a minute to reply in a word or two or post some sort of news/blog and explain, announce what is the plan for the future :imp:

i’d like a confirmation about a new and secure extension wich would be provided, but i have no confirmation on this… In a french discussion few months ago, i was told (4ian or Victor i don’t remember) that this deprecated extension will be removed in the future. I never had an answer when i asked if it will replaced. So yeah i supposed it will not be replaced (furthermore, nothing on roadmap).

The point is, and it’s why i told it several time on the forum, that it’s a waste of time spending time to try and develop something with this actual network extension unless we have confirmation it will replaced/updated. Or if you do, you’ll be stuck in a Gdevelop version.
On my own, i stopped all my project on multiplayer with native gdevelop game client, whereas i had a first version of a coop mod.

I’ve found the french disucssion, where 4ian posted : [url]Extension fonctionnalités réseau : obsolète ? - #10 by Clem]

Basically, he said :
-I don’t recommand you to use it

  • it’s hard to use
  • it’s wasn’t tested
  • It will not be updated soon, and maybe removed in a next main version.

Conclusion : don’t use it :unamused:

Heh, Things like this should be announced properly not just in a reply if someone is asking about :imp:

I’m seriously dislike the way 4ian ignoring this community for almost 2 years now… I’m not even sure if GDevelop is still actively developed or only developed “on demand” when one of his projects or the game his working on requires.

The community is completely ignored :frowning:

Thanks for the link.

To be honest, I just cant wait for Spark Engine to get released, as it will have many more features than GDevelop.

I also do feel that GDevelop is kinda slow with its updates. They should be more constant, also for the extensions, the ones that are “deprecated”, shoul probably be removed/remade, to actually work

4ian has a lot of work to do outside the GDevelop’s development. That’s true. It doesn’t mean we ignore the community. We just can’t answer to every messages, add all the requested features and fix all the bugs in our spare time.

So, you’re welcome to contribute to the GDevelop development. :imp:

I will contribute to the GDev community, thats why I am in process of learning c++ as we speak. Ill get to doing stuff as fast as I know how to do it…

I’m not talking about his presence only and the frequency of updates but the way he is sharing information and communicating with the community. Most of the time we just left in the dark we don’t know about anything but even when he throw some light to us and the community would like to discuss it further he is just ignore it and stop replying. For example Kink asked him about the replacement, update of the networking extension and get no reply and I could mention tons of similar cases…

I understand he is busy and developing GDevelop only his spare time but his absence and the way hi is basically avoiding communication with the community makes me feel GDevelop is no longer in active development and I mean by that, there are no goals, to do list, plans, priorities. If there is anything in development, it is developed “on demand” as it is required for his own project but the community is completely ignored in all possible ways.

I don’t blame him, I understand he is busy and tired but other places even if the devs them self are too busy, there is at least a community manager who make sure the community is not left in the dark and keep informing the community about what is happening and listen to the feedbacks and thoughts coming from the community and transfer the most important ones to the devs and may even report back to the community what the devs has to say about it.

4ian should have a discussion with someone (a community manager kind of person) once in a week or once in a month at least about development and thoughts, feedbacks coming from the community so even if 4ian is busy, a representative could make announcements, share information and reply regarding the development of GDevelop…

But again, it something that would require 4ian to be interested about what the community has to say and speak to the community in some ways.

If 4ian is just too busy to listen and reply, to communicate even through a representative such as a community manager, or there is not much to say because not much happening it pretty much The End…

This is a role I can take as I’m currently more available and much more active than 4ian on the forum.
Maybe we could try to write “monthly recaps” about the development of GDevelop. This would contain the work that has been done on GDevelop. What do you think of that ?

That would be great actually.
Also, since he is working on a game that seems to be the first “big release” made with GDevelop, I would be also interested to hear about the development of the game too. And it also bring up some questions, since the game has a PC demo, is that mean it is going to be released for the PC, if so, is that mean we may going to get Steam or Windows Store integration. Since the game is targeting mobile platform, is that mean we might get in-app purchase on Android and more sensors going to be supported… For a first monthly news letter it could be good subject along with the development of GD…

+1 for a monthly recap, maybe Q&A ? Blog(+newsletter) ?

Also it’s true we need to have long terms vision in some case. Lot of users of are “casual” (nothing pejorative), but they just “play” with GD and don’t finish their projects, but on the other hand, we are few working hard to release a finished product, eventually commercial. Lot of game developer (and developer) that i know only focus their time with project with clear vision in time : features, support, development cycles etc. It’s hard actually to make projection on the future with Gdevelop, especialy native platform with upcoming standard (new OS, uwp, sfml dependencies etc.)

I’m sure Gdevelop lost some potential users for these reasons : for example some people would prefer to use construct2, some others wait for spark engine, some other prefers to learn languages to work with unity, godot, gamemaker or cocos. A better vision/roadmap would help to find some dev contributors and new users.

Personally i really act to promote Gdevelop when i met people interested into game development, and a newsfeed cleary visible on the website might really help.

Come on… We can’t do it all :laughing: