Help with Dialogue

Hi, I’ve been making a small RPG with GDevelop, but I’ve been running into an issue with the first part. Since this is an RPG, I want some dialogue with the characters (pretty standard- pressing ‘enter’ makes the conversation advance), but I’m not sure how I would set the dialogue to trigger in order. I’ve tried using a variable (e.g. every time the conversation advances, add 1 to the variable), but that results in all kinds of weird bugs (randomly raising the variable, for example).

If anyone has made or seen an RPG or similar game made with GDevelop, I would appreciate an explanation or example of how they got the dialogue to work. Thanks.

Using Link event as function, to set dialogue actions as formulary.

As you can see, you just need to copy / paste external events like a form, and change actions and texts.

Also, you can use layers to organize different dialogues.

Download Project link: