Help with future pinball game

I am wanting to make a pinbal game, but I’ve tried to make games before, only to get frustrated and quit. So I decided that before that happens, I’d ask.

The game I’m thinking of would be a pinball game, but with some different elements. Enemies atop popbumpers that would get knocked off upon impact, including an enemy that would change into an ally. A ball that could shoot out projectiles of it’s own, and could even move upon the playfied, being partially controlled save for the gravity pulling it down, and the background would change to a random image when rolled over, either from the pinball and the projectiles the ball shoots out.

For the ball, I was thinking that the ball could be controlled by the player, but still being dragged down via gravity (I’m thinking of some way to make the player capable of moving the ball upwards, but only a certain amount with each time being dragged down, like a 1 step forward 2 steps backwards kind of thing) and for the ball to have projectiles of it’s own.

So, how would I go about implementing these features?