Help with infinite map with randomly generated "town"

I am recently making a casual top-down shooter about driving a jeep that has a side-shooting machine gun while passing through different towns or cities filled with rebel soldiers. I have a ground tiled sprite and I want to make the game’s map by expand the ground as I keep driving pass the scene’s border like a Minecraft biome chunk, plus having randomly generated towns and cities as well. I tried looking at the dungeon generator example and the procedural generator example but I couldn’t understand a thing. Can anyone help me, please?
Note: I’m not sure if this is true or not, but I feel like my topic is being ignored probably because of my past topics and my previous projects showing no progress since I felt overwhelmed from time to time. I hope the community isn’t hating me.

Hi VisothDev,

I cannot speak for anyone else, just for myself, but I think no one here hates you because you got stuck with some project.

I see one big problem with your post: you describe what you want to do - which is not a very simple project btw. Then you mention that you looked at the two example projects that provide a possible starting point and that you did not understand them. But then there is no specific question.

You may get suggestions and help much easier if you ask about a very specific part of the events, mechanics etc. At the moment it seems as someone should walk you through the entire process of generating random levels for your game. Maybe someone will do that but it is rather unlikely.

My suggestion is to check the procedural generation example again: and try to understand as much as possible. If there is anything you don’t understand you could ask about this one part and proceed until you fully understand what is going on. Additionally, you could also watch some videos or read about procedural level generation. The basic principles are the same, no matter which engine you use.

Edit: I just remembered that there is also a tutorial for procedural generation: Implementing Procedural Generation - GDevelop documentation

I sit almost a year on gdev discord helping ppl
Here a little less on forums

I can give you exact number of how many projects i seen finished from ppl i helped
And it is in my nickname
Little tip it is not X and it is not 4

That said i would need to hate everyone i meet here and discord
We do not check if ppl do progress or not or succeed we just see a problem we can solve and we engage

If we do not know how to help we do not engage cause our tips can cause more harm than good by just guessing correct answer

For example i never was successful in making random generated map
I mean i am to some degree but not as i would wish while a lot of stuff i just do not understand and take from different projects believing they just work

So i would not engage with your question since i have little to none contribution to give

Same i never touched text input stuff or yarn so i do not engage with that stuff

And same goes for other ppl i believe
We do not hate you we just do not engage with question so ppl don’t start hating us for not being able to help

I clicked out of curiosity this posts to check possible answers
And i can tell you i am at same level of procedural generation as you
I do not understand much or even less

i can give you GDevelop OpenWorld Example Using Static Chunking by danogster

I found it once a chunk system working in gdevelop
But when i wanted to add procedural generated crap to it simply did not work

For me it is black hole and require some big brain to solve it
But we are not talking about hours of work
We are talking about day most likely

I made upgraded auto tile extension which other user made

But even so i was able to reduce lag original extension was causing
I still face a FPS lag on even small maps using this extension
I can’t even go 200x200 tiles on map not to have FPS drop
I mean whole system works OK but updating tiles is just tragic

And this is how it goes with procedural generation
Every single bit i found about it or things i would need / want to use with procedural generation
Either work one way i do not know or can’t adjust it to my needs or simply is not compatible with other stuff

I given up on procedural generation and decided i will pre made few maps
Or part of maps
And using RandomInRange expression mix them when player will create new world

That is only workaround i found that would make sense and i can actually get to work

That all said
I wish you luck on your procedural generation journey
Just keep always in mind you may never find correct answer to what you wanna achieve