Help with making a platformer?

I’m making a platformer game with a player sprite I got on Google so when I’m creating the grass tileset on the object maker thingy and set the behaviour of my tileset grass to platformer so my character or player can move my player just float on the grass like example



just like that but when I remove the grass behaviour on the grass tileset I make my player will just fall … I test the asset’s free from the gdevelopt asset’s when I create the object, so I searched player, and a dino pop up I clicked the dino and be it a player it worked but my own player sprite that I have animations too won’t work plss help

It’s probably easier to not re-invent the wheel and use the sample game that came with GDevelop called “Platformer.”

Then build off of this game.

Also, can you send a screenshot of your code? It will be easier for others to help when they see the code.

The problem will be your player collision mask. If you edit the sprite animation, and click on the Edit collision mask button at the bottom left, you’ll see the red box that extends to a bit below the character’s feet.

You’ll need click on Add collision mask button on the bottom right. You can now drag the corners so the bottom of the collision mask is directly under the bottom of hte character’s feet.

Thanks I’m gonna think about that

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Thanks I’ll try that tommorow

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