Help with making dynamic clickable lists


I want to make a dynamic system for saving and loading multiple scene states (presets). I have a static system working nicely, by making the preset links and scene conditions manually. But, I want to be able to do this dynamically because I now have hundreds of new presets to add in. I can’t fit them on a single screen and don’t want to manually create hundreds of buttons/conditions.

I’m currently using an extension, “Simple Scrollable List Extension”, and creating list items from a JSON file. Each list item links to a Firestore document that sets all the conditions and variables for each preset. I’m using Firestore because I want users to be able to log in, save personalised presets and access them from any computer.

My prototype is working, but the “Simple Scrollable List Extension” has lots of limitations, and it seems to be a convoluted way to go about making a scrollable (or dropdown?) clickable list of Firestore documents, but I can’t see any alternative in the documentation.

So my question is, am I missing something? Is this a valid no-code way of making a scrollable/clickable list from Firestore? It seems to me that this kind of game save mechanic is pretty common, so before I spend hours implementing this, I want to check if there is a simpler alternative for creating dynamic/scrollable clickable lists. A dropdown system, maybe?

I can see others have requested this but can’t see any solutions

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I would love to see something like this! This would be useful for me since I have put different language options in settings in my game and I am running out of room so I would love this option and to be able to search the dropdown options too. I’m happy others are requesting this too and it may be in a future update hopefully.

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