Help with my game

Hi guys! Above is the game that I am having problem with. The game freezes or lack everytime a correct answer is being clicked. Anybody can help me to solve this issue? Thank you.

You already posted that file in another topic, asking for help. Please do not create another topic for that.

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You also did not explained here what is the problem.

I did read about your problem in the other topic but I can not reproduce the problem. I did play it through the game multiple times and the game never freeze for me. I was able to play through the game every single time I tried with no problems.

So, you need to figure out when exactly the game freeze for you, what is it that you do, what answers do you choose in what order…etc

You could also use some comments in your projects. I know it seems very straight forward to read the conditions and actions but for someone not familiar with your project can be confusing what are you trying to do exactly and where, so please add some comments.

Regarding picking random questions with no repeat, I did link you my quiz game template when you asked about this the first time but seemingly you ignored my reply and my template, not sure what sort of help do you expect for so long now. For days you are keep asking how to do it, the solution is right there in my template…

Good luck :+1:


This is the problem that i faced. When the second question appears, i chose the correct answer and it does not show the third question but the game freezes and the crab doesn’t have animation while walking and the fire doesn’t disappear. It should looks like how the first question is, whereby when the correct answer is picked, the shooter will shoot fire at the crab and shows the second question and the fire will disappear and the crab will move properly.

Everything works fine on my end :thinking:
No freeze
Can go from 2nd to 3rd question
Fire disappear.
Crab has animation when walking.


This is not the updated version of my game. Can you try with the attachment below? I am so sorry but I am desperate for solving my game issue. Thank you so much for your help!

It is the same as before Backup (v4.0), and everything works!
This version is clearly working whatever the problem is, it is in the “other” version so I recommend to compare the two version.

Good luck :+1:

Do you have this chunk of codes in the game that you’ve opened from?

The chunk I have is different. This is what I get if I open game.json:

I’m guessing you have been using the.autosave and the actual game.json is out of date.
But as I mentioned it does work, so you have the solution right there in the old version :+1:

But I want the autosave version and not the actual game.json version. Are you able to open the autosave version?

I get the same even if I open the autosave.
You really need to improve your source control.
It seems you don’t even know in which folder are you working right now and you are sending the wrong folder :rofl:

So you sent 3 times v4.0 that works! but you say it is the old version.
Is there any v4.1 or greater on your hard drive anywhere?

Omg this is so terrible. Thank you very much for your help!! Appreciated. I will check on my game version again.

Hi, can you help me to take a look at this game that i’ve created? it has a problem that when sometimes the player chose the correct answer, the next question doesn’t appear. The questions are randomnise such that when one of the question is asked as the first question, the question will not be ask in the subsequent questions.