Help With Native Game - Making Custom Controls

Hello, I’ve been working on a game with GDevelop, native, right now I’m working on the options menu for the controls. I’ve already referenced the example provided in the GDevelop examples titled, “Customize keys with last pressed keys”, I’ve taken this concept and build upon it. I’ve tough of a system in where the player would put in two different controls, these two different controls could then be combined to make one action; or act as if even one control is clicked then the action is played. But I’m stuck, or more like lost, on why my system isn’t working. I’ve already starred at the screen for two days trying different methods. But non of them have given me the result I’ve wanted, so I’ve come to the GDevelop forums in hopes that someone may look at my projects and give me there ideas and points, too why it’s not working.

You can find the most recent version of my work here: … sp=sharing ~ the .gdg file can be found under the work folder, “Fusion - Commence.gdg”

I thank you for your time, if you have any questions pleas do ask :smiley:

I don’t understand what it is you’re actually trying to implement? Specifically, I find this part extremely confusing:

Can you explain what the goal is?

Ya, I also thought that I didn’t explain my goal as clearly as I would of liked too, so…

The players can put two possible controls, which can come from the keyboard and the mouse. Now, those two possible controls can then be combined to activate one action, Ex. Lshift + Up = action(player moves up) , another example, Lshift + Left(click) = action(super attack) That’s one way of combined the controls, the other way is by making it so that if even one of the controls is pressed then action is activated, Ex. Lshift or Up = action(player moves up) , another example, Lshift or Left(click) = action(super attack) The two ways of combining the controls can be toggled in the scene, “options menu”(it should be represented by a + or a or, clicking them should change between them).

I hope I made my goal more clear with this explanation, if not ask me again I can go into more detail…
Anyways, if you have any ideas to why my method of doing this isn’t working then pleas do explain, and if you have your own method of doing this pleas do tell :smiley:

EDIT- I should make it clear that I’m trying to figure out why the events in my project’s external event, “control handlers”, are functioning as there suppose too