Help with platformer

Hey i need help with something i need a better way to check if the player jumps on an enemy. The old way was to check if the player collides with the enemy and if he’s falling. But the problem is when the player goes on a jumpthru platform and theirs an enemy on top of it the game thinks he jumped on it can you help me?

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here are some punctuation: (. , . , , , , . . . .! . ? . .). I see yours run out :joy:

Maybe you could add a condition to compare the Y position of the player to the Y position of the enemy.

if player.Y() > enemy.Y() or something along those lines.

I posted about this a while back: Hitting enemies from underneath

The solution is to either do the “OldY” trick (which didn’t work for me). Or, to add a point to the enemy near the bottom that when the Player collides with it kills the player (what I ended up doing).