Help with rollover buttons/sound emitting buttons - HTML5

Hi, guys, newbie here :laughing: .

I am trying to do a little piano/xylophone app-thing on HTML5.

My plan is to export it to an APK with Ludei/Intel XDK.

Well, I have a problem: I did the following on GDevelop, but it doesn’t worked:

Well, I tried several times with many variations, does not work.

After that, I tried to do the same thing as “native app” … guess what, it worked!

What I am doing of wrong?

Can’t test it now, but try moving the sound file in the same directory of the project .gdg file, if works it’s of course related to the file path… As the web platform needs to copy the resources in a temporary directory (native preview doesn’t need it I think), the back-relative directory ("…/") could be a problem :confused:

Did you try another file format? Just to be sure.

It worked, thank you!