Help with teleportation

I am very new to Gdevelop and I am making a game with the main gimic being about teleportation. I am have figured out how to make the player teleport to the right but not the left, I am wondering how I can make the player teleport both left and right. Here is my code if I should change anything:

As far as I understand, which as a human, that understanding could be lacking, to teleport anything, you are setting the object’s position to a new position.

I think I understand what you are up to, and I do believe what you would want is to set your player’s position to your player’s position + 100, or, in the case of going left, – 100.

You also might want to consider that teleportation like you’re doing it will end up teleporting the player into a wall, so you might either want to separate player and platforms, which I do believe would push them apart if needs-be, or else kill the player if colliding, and not just touching edges with, a platform.

I understand what you mean and it probably isn’t really ‘teleporting’ its more of a dash, but the animation makes it look like the player is teleporting, but do you know of anyway to check if the player is horizontally flipped or any way to check if the player is looking left?

You could put two boxes on two points of the player sprite, and if frontBox has a lower x point than backBox, then your player is flipped. Or you could use the 3d flip extension (I believe that is what it’s called) and you can use the conditions for “is flipped” and all that. At the moment I could not tell you how to do that because I haven’t worked with it in a while and it is mildly complex, but that would work.

Your 1st action is change X position add 100
Try change X position subtract 100