Help with text in textbox doesn't change

Hi can you guys help me understand why the text in the text box doesn’t change.
First line appears fine, but it doesn’t change into the 2nd line. if i delete the timer it goes imidiatly into the second (1st doesn’t show)


When you Click, you reset the timer.
So on you second click event, the timer was reset by the event before and can never reach 1 second.

This has the same issue.

A good method of working is to have all you trigger events only once in your entire eventsheet and all actions that depend on it as subevents.

In your case it would look like this:
If mouse button is released
→ subevents
Subevent 1
Condition if text = “” action set text to text1
Subevent 2
If timer is > 1 sec action set text to text2
Subevent 3
Action reset timer

That worked ok for me.

It worked for you because you reset “timer1”
But the second click is depended on timer “1”
So you use 2 different timers.

lol! It was a big mistake! Sorry for that!
Actually, I think he is using timer just to change the text. Time doesn’t matter. If it’s the case, is better using variable.

Yes, I agree on the variable approach, but the variable check events should be a subevent of mouse press.
If there are not a subevent of Click, GD unnecessary checks the variables each frame

You are correct! I’m always learning with you! Thanks!

Thanks, I should have seen that mistake, lol
I used the variable approach.