Help with Timer

I’m a newbie and creating my first game with levels. The first action is to show the level in a text object called “Level”. This works, as long as I don’t do the following…

Since I want to hide this text object Level after 2 seconds, the second event is a timer greater than 2 seconds called “HideLevel”. The action to be executed is Hide the object Level. This is the part that doesn’t work. When I play the scene, the text of the Level doesn’t show. The hide action executes immediately, not after 2 seconds.

I’ve searched through the wiki and some other examples, but nothing seems to explain this situation. Please help.


Mmmm. maybe the text object is in the same plane (Z-Order) of a background or another object (Scene Editor ==> Object properties ==> Z-Order or Event Editor ==> Action ==> All objects ==> Z-Order).
To ensure the timer doesn’t execute immediately, try to add a first event with the condition “At the beginning of the scene” and the action “Reset a timer”, of course reset your timer. This is not necessary but will work to ensure the timer start from zero.

If it doesn’t work, take a screenshot from the scene and the events :slight_smile:

Your second piece of advice, resetting the timer at the beginning of the scene, was the fix! I’m learning new things every day.