Help with wall jumping in abstract platformer

Hi there! I need help with making a character wall jump in the opposite direction. I’m quite new to GDevelop, but do know some basic stuff. Maybe if someone could provide me a code example, that would be awesome. Thanks!

When the conditions are met, allow jump again, simulate jump, and simulate keypress in the desired direction (is player flipped or not).

Maybe this helps but it’s in Portuguese

Thanks, and i’ve tried doing similar things to that. I just can’t get it to work.

Thanks for the example UlisesFreitas, but even with captions i’m not able to understand what he is saying enough to learn anything.

Ah sorry maybe this one helps.
Look this is what I did whatching that video

I see the game you made, but it’s unclear to me how the example helps me. I’m new and i’m sorry if i’m acting like an idiot. Do I go to the source code? Because if I do, it just brings me to the page. Not sure how I access it.

Oh sorry the source code is here

I see the page with the source code, but I don’t understand how i’m supposed to see the actual code.

Here a .zip of the project