Help with XML

In included example project showing how to write data and save the file.
But how to read data from XML file? Could you explain?
What syntax should I use to get data from specified attributes of specified elements?

Ummm… Anyone? Anything?


There is some XML actions that can be used with any project : Thanks to these actions, you can save and load values from variables. You just have to specify the value and where to store it ( The file and the node inside the XML file where to store it ). However, you have no control on the name of the attributes. ( They are just labeled “value” or “text” ).
If you understand well how XML works, you can try the AdvancedXML extension which allows you to specify any attribute and create advanced xml.

Hello again, I have some new questions about XML. For native platform.
I think programm don’t want to read text from XML to scene variable.
Here’s example:
And why “texte”? O_o
Am I doing something wrong?

Everything seems fine in your events… Could you send me your example?

French word for “text”, I’ve kept it so far for backward compatibility. It could be changed to “string” or “str” in the next version.

Ah, I see.

Oh my ffffff…
I don’t know what just happend, but it’s working now 0______________o
Just don’t understand… arrrgh! Hate when this happening >__________<

Don’t know what to say and how to react…
Flawless mindblow X_6