Helpful reference guide

I got fed up of searching through the various sub-menus within the conditions and actions looking for the command I wanted, so I have created an overview of them all, designed to be printed out as a quick reference. Hope others find it useful, even if the upcoming changes to the GUI for GDevelop may change everything.
GDevelop-refguide.pdf (234 KB)

Interesting, surely will be helpful, but didn’t the search box to filter conditions and actions work?
Anyway, I have to point out a little error: There are some functions under the “All objects” tag that only work for sprite objects actually, as THING.Animation() :wink:

I’ve never tried the filtering, it was more that I didn’t have a good overview of what was where, so I wanted something “browsable”. It’s a good way to discover new things too.

I thought I might have been a bit over-confident with the “All objects” bit. I have updated the file to remove it, thanks. :smiley: