Hey all, How do i make an array?

how to make a nuber array and combine it with a loop?

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Arrays are not available yet, unless you make them with javascript.
In the mean time, you can use structure variables as replacement, and search while, repeat, and for each to learn about loops. Everything is on the wiki. :slight_smile:

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For now there are no real arrays but that will hopefully change.

In the meantime you need to create a strucuture like this:

arrayStructure {
    length: 2
    item1: 500
    item2: "Hi!"

Then use a repeat event with the length as argument and access the items with the repeated index

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@arthuro555 There’s a “variable child count” expression.

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can you plz send a link to a video or any other explanation, thank you :slight_smile:

Oh really? Cool! Makes things simpler.



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