hey all, simple collision question

hey all, new here and experimenting a bit with Gdevelop, was just curious how to set up a collision wall to stop my player moving, the idea is that of a top down style rpg for android, and I set up a small test scene with some basic sprites,

  1. ground
  2. wall
  3. character

I then added the top down movement automatism to the character sprite, my question is thus: How to make the wall stop the character from passing it? any help appreciated and looking forward to being part of this community

Hi, I answered that question some time ago, you can read it here:

The easiest (and maybe the best) way to do it is with the action “Separate two objects”, located at “All objects >> Position >> Separate two objects”.
Use it when your player collides with a wall :slight_smile:

awesome, cheers for that