Hi, how do you create a camera similar to undertale/deltarune

hello, i am wondering how i make a camera gdevelop that mimics the one in undertale or deltarune, follow the exact same camera btw,
i tried using the smooth camera but it doesnt really work as it is too smooth, when i try to make the camera more fixed so it just follows the player by changing the catchup speed it is fixed on the position yes, however the playersprite constantly jitters violently

if anyone has made a good camera system before i would love to know what you guys have done.

this is my first time on the forum, if i wrote anything wrong or misunderstanding please let me know!!

Sorry, I’ve never really paid attention to the camera in undertale, but I might be able to help. What about it are you trying to replicate?

Ok, I’ve looked at it and what I think you want is a deadzone

if (DistanceBetween(camera, player) > deadzone) {

cameraX += XFromAngleAndDistance(AngleBetween(camera, player), lerp(0, DistanceBetween(camera, player) - deadzone), cameraLerpSpeed)

cameraY += YFromAngleAndDistance(AngleBetween(camera, player), lerp(0, DistanceBetween(camera, player) - deadzone), cameraLerpSpeed)


Sorry if it’s hard to understand. It’s easier for me to type like this :grin:

Hello, I’m so sorry for not responding it sent the message to junk mail haha, I definitely appreciate your response and will try it out, thank you so much

Answering the title question, literally every room in Undertale/Deltarune are a different “Scene” in GameMaker terms, so I don’t doubt Toby just put infinitely as many invisible barriers around everything or hardcoded the camera position.