Hi I cant compile the game Im working on into a zip

The option is greyed out

Why is this happening?

Which software are you using? Intel XDK? Or somewhere in the GDevelop is that option you can compile into the zip?

Gdevelop, it is around the export to web option

I don’t have anything else than “export to web” and “Compile to a native executable”. Can’t see zip thing. Html game that compile option is grey and export to web is grey iin native game.

Compile to native

Why is it grey?

Just use xdk, publish as web app and then zip it?

“Compile to native” button is grey because it’s option only for native games. If you are making html game, you have to choose export to the web and there “export to a website” or “export to ios or android…”. Then go xdk and do your things.

Here some help: http://wiki.compilgames.net/doku.php/gdevelop/tutorials/howtouseintelxdk

Build your game in intel XDK and then download it and there you are zip file.

Is there a way i can zip my HTML game and share it?

XDK only let you submit it right?

In intel XDK: Start a new project → Import from (then choose folder where you export your game in gdevelop) → Enter your project name → Only Choose “game project yes” and game engine and version “pixi” (if you want android ios thing, select yes to cordova too). → If android ios thing, go to “project” tab and edit options how you like. → go to “Build” tab and click Web application or andoid, ios whatever you want to build. ->click “start builds” → when build is finished, click “download” button. → it should download your game in zip file and you can share it.

That’s how I did it and uploaded the zipfile to gamejolt. :smiley:

I will try again.

I did this before and i thought it only make it an app that needs to be submitted