Hi, im new here :)

im making a game for my friend and i ran into a few snags. i was following the instructions for a platformer step by step and for the most part i figured it out myself but i cant figure this out.

  1. one problem im having is the walking animation. it matches the picture provided perfectly and like i already said i followed the instructions so, idk. Idle and running animation section of this page How to make a platform game: player animations [GDevelop wiki]

  2. this is the snag that brought me to an abrupt halt. the instructions dont say anything about raycasting. and i couldnt find anything about it. Add coins and display the number of collected coins [GDevelop wiki]

  3. and this is the last problem (for now probably, i dont even play video games). sprites. my husband says i have to use specific ones or else it wont work and i cant find anything anywhere that says that.

thank you for the help in advanced, it will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hello there!

Don’t get discouraged, it’s normal that you hit a snag or block from time to time.

What is it that you want to do with raycasting?

I don’t really understand the thing with specific sprites and your husband, sorry ^^u

well right now im just trying to understand how it all works so im trying to collect coins i guess. but in the game itself i want the character to collect something and then bring it to another character.
basically im trying to make a game thats kind of like I Saw Her Standing There

Hi June! welcome to the forum,

  1. Con you be more explicit about the problem you’re having with the animations?

  2. About raycasting, take a look at this post: [Solved] Raycast

  3. You can use any sprite you want.

i made the running animation like it told me to but when i go to test it the characters legs dont move.

im sorry, im terrible at explaining this :woman_facepalming:

Check in examples make sure the loop is checked

this is what i have

and i think im still messing up on the coins. considering how im collecting what is ahead of me i figured id need raycast, but i cant get to the page the instructions show and im wondering if thats my problem.

Add Trigger once below the Player is moving and Player is NOT moving conditions, and as @UlisesFreitas said: check the loop option in the animations settings for the sprite and try again.

And why are you using raycast to collect coins? It’s more easy to just delete the coin when the character collide with it.

How do I do that? And I think loop is checked. You can see in the first picture I sent.

I’m using raycast because it didn’t tell me how to get to the page it showed me and when I searched collision thats what was there. I did say I’m new lol.

maybe im not as bad at this as i think lol

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ok once i started thinking about it and looking into it i realized that the red circle is invert. oops. but i did find what i need.

ok, i sorta figured it out. but it stops at the first animation and doesnt actually walk.

i noticed a difference in my times and the example @UlisesFreitas showed me so i fixed that. and now it does a really slow staggered walk.

human error. i had 0.5 not 0.05.

i think that fixes all my problems. thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction everyone :slight_smile: if i run across anymore problems ill be sure to ask

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