hi saving game help html5

hi i save the game and when i do a preview it works …no problem
but if i upload the game to the website the game does not save


Maybe you tried it in “incognito” mode?, GD saves in the browser storage, so you have to use the same browser and be on non-incognito.
:bulb: Check the storage with the browser developer tools, to see if your savefile is there.

so the file is in the browser?.. if oyher people play the game in other place they can’t see the other people points?

No, you will need a server (you own online place to save all people data), some HTTP requests and maybe PHP, I think there is a tutorial out there about that… oh, it was uploaded to the wiki, here: wiki.compilgames.net/doku.ph … highscores
(I have no idea how all this server things work :unamused: )