hi to all :) and HEEELP!

hi to all im new im Draxxen89 from puerto rico i always wanted to make a game but i could i tried many game developing softwares like construct 2 but is a crap because it can’t compile a game in to a exe but i remembered my old gdevelop stored in my linux partition protected from virus and damage and today im downloading the new version :laughing: ,so i have a idea is a action-adventure game like zelda but not exactly like zelda but idk anything about gdevelop i only saw videos about plataform :frowning: my game gonna be like 3d i have a history and some luck drawing but in game development i am a crap plz someone giveme a action adventure scripts i really want to make a game with gdevelop.
thanks in avdance :slight_smile:
-lord draxxen de ethrea

thanks! for the Welcome guys i’m leaving :smiley:

Ok you can’t expect us to make YOUR game in the first place.
Second you only gave us ONE day to give you any advice.
I could help you, but your way too impatient.
And you’ve been pretty rude to the community so I doubt anyone will help you.

i apologize with gdevelop creator and the community,sorry for be to impatient this is the 4th forum i join on my life,so as you see i,m not the best replying :laughing:
and i been trying for year to make a game and is very frustrating :confused: :laughing:

I had the same thing happen when I asked a question on a game making forum, I was told to stop whining :frowning:
Anyways this tutorial might help ya wiki.compilgames.net/doku.ph … rtutorial2
I learned a lot about gdevelop from this one. It’s not an adventure game, but if you haven’t used gdevelop much this maybe a good place to start :slight_smile:

i already have this tutorial,but thank thanks to you i remembered that i must use a modified version of that tutorial :smiley:
so i gonna try it.
look to a simple sketch that i made
of course I’m just showing my idea as you see the main character is not draw well because is just a simple sketch.

Very nice sketch I like it :slight_smile:
Oh have you seen the top-down automatism?
It might help ya with your game if your wanting a top-down puzzle game like zelda.
It does 8 way movement and 4 way movement I believe.
Sadly if you want 3D I don’t think gdevelop can do much more then 3D blocks.
You can fake some cool effects with isometric style trees and such though :slight_smile:

thanks,you men i added you as a friend :smiley:

Thanks :smiley: