am new to gdevelop but i was able to create a game like ball blast(not like ball blast completely but a little close) my problem is after sometimes the game stopped running and anything i click to preview it just shows the player character, some fruit are supposed to be dropping. initially they were dropping but now anything i preview or export nothing happens again… please help!!!

Open the Resources manager in the Game Settings menu, and check if there are duplicated resources and that your images look ok.

Also, you can send me a private message with a link to download your project in a .zip file, so I can check it out :slight_smile:

i checked and nothing is duplicated
i dont know really… but i started a new projected based on that
if the sprites that have physic behavior are too much can it make it behave like that???

No, shouldn’t, unless you’re doing something that prevents the fruits from dropping. Maybe it’s just a configuration problem as set a negative gravity or not gravity at all, set the fruits as static objects, adding a bad force through events…

thank you so much!!! so i have created another one… and i made sure to be more careful with the codes… also am using gdevelop5
i want my game to be for portrait android smart phone
i need to set it from gdevelop can you help me please thank you
sorry about the time difference am in nigeria and it seems when i write you are asleep and when you write i am asleep
thanks in anticipation

Check the project settings (in the project manager panel), there are some options to choose the orientation, to stretch the window to fit device width/height, and to change or not the camera size to keep aspect ratio :slight_smile:

thank you so much