Hide Game Dashboard section on sidebar

Can we please do something with the Game Dashboard section that appeared several versions ago in the side bar. It takes up too much prime real-estate causing you to have to scroll more often and overall, it’s just creating a distraction from the main options like scenes and extensions.

Either give an option to hide it (edit: or the extra text) or reduce it to just a button or let you close the section and have the app remember the setting between projects and sessions. Please, I beg you.


Maybe you could for now collapse the “Game Settings”? It just have the options “Properties” and “Icons and thumbnail”. You probably won’t use them often (I guess).

Anyway, I still think your request is valid. This Games Dashboard is definitely taking up a lot of space and maybe some people prefer to work with the expanded Game settings to see all the things at once.

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Collapsing it is a bit futile or at least annoying because for me anyways the app doesn’t remember its state. That also creates another issue because now I would need to reopen it to change the game settings. IMO, there’s room for the button but without the extra text. It seems like an effort to make people aware of the option. That’s fine but after it’s served its purpose, it’s not needed. Show it a few times or add a don’t show again option.

My main issue is the extra text.

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Yeah… I didn’t pay enough attention in the last part about the app not remembering the state left. :face_with_peeking_eye: You’re right, it would be pretty boring. Something like that I always forget and it’s quite annoying is to mark the scene for all the previews. I always need to mark, so I understand what do you mean.

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I say by default it should be visible
Yet there should be on off option to hide that text until you uncheck it to show it again
There is no need for it to be permanently there
Same as we make option to skip cutscenes
Someone who is not playing game for the first time should have right to skip cutscene he seen multiple times already
Same story here

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