High Score system

is there a page in the wiki for making a high score system or can someone tell me?. i just want to make it as simple as the one in flappy bird. i know it has suttin to do with global variables but idk how to save the score.

Just use Storage actions :wink:

oh thanks. imma use that.

but what if the layer gets a new high score will that change automatically.

will it work on preview

There was a huge thread about that in this section of the forum. Try to find it.

Basically, what you need is:

  • Collect the data and store it in variables.
  • Draw the score display.
  • Refresh the score display when needed.
  • Save the score data to a file.
  • Read the score data from that file, when needed.

GD have native functions to do all that you need to display and keep a score registry.

hello again :smiley:

i did the first two things. idk what you mean by the third thing.

the two last things, if you saw in the gameplay scene event 35 n highscore scene event 1 i tried to do it but when i refresh the webpage it will go back to 0