Highlighting search results

Search feature - Highlighting search results. ← it would help if there were something to identify the search results.

It is hard to see the results of the search.

  • Can the Actions and conditions be highlighted better and then the highlights removed once the user closes the search field.
  • Maybe there could be a symbol that populates under the search result to make it easier to identify the results.
  • Maybe an indicator in front of the event listing
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Moving this over to feature requests as it’s not related to website feedback.

I know there have been some ongoing conversations around enhancing the search function in the engine, but I don’t think they involve highlight changes, just result changes, so your items make sense to me.

Hi there,
I just merged PR Search events translations by AlexandreSi · Pull Request #3168 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub!
It should solve your first and third points! The second point was too time consuming to implement. I hope those improvements will suit you!


Thank you for any improvements in this area