Hint system and inactiv background

Hey guys !
I am creating a game with a hint system.
Its just a windows poping, with the hint written on it :

I want everything but the cross not being clickable, as long as the window is in first plan.
Right now, I am dealing with subconditions.
All my event are under a condition that check if the window is on first plan or not.

But that a looooooot of events in those sub event and its getting more and more complicated.

Is there another easier way to make this hint system please ?

Some kind of while loop or something ?

Thanks a lot !

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So what you want to do is only click on X button, and it will hide HINT popup window.
You can do this with variables and layers.
Try this event sheet, tell me if works for you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks a lot for your help monochroma380, but its not exactly what I was looking for.
The displaying part is OK and actually better that mine, but what I need, is that when a hint is being displayed, players CANT do anything else than clicking the X button.

So they dont mess with everything which is on the background, since its locked while the hint is being displayed.

And its not only a matters of disabling clicks for example, since I also got some keyboard action.

I have thought about adding a variable (something like hintdisplayed = 1) on every event I got, but thats a loooot of event to modifiy.

Any other ideas ?

Use a boolean variable. So whenever there is that popup, change that variable to True. And only do other things when the variable is True.

My player only moves when the variable using_computer to False. So whenever I want something to not happen sometime, I only trigger that action when that action is not happening which apparently is the variable using_computer above.

If my explanation isn’t good enough, I can explain it better :slightly_smiling_face:.

or even simpler solution. If your player has Platformer or Top Down Behavior,
you can tell it to “ignore controls” while popup window is visible.
or even “disable behavior” for player if you like.

Thanks its very clear.
Thing is, I got pages and pages of events and conditions. With this method, I’ll have to move everything under my new condition, this could be really tricky.

Cant we add a condtion OVER others ? So there is nothing to move ?

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I almost only have mouse and keyboard controls. Not sure I cant disabled those ?

If you put the scene events in an external event, then you can have the overall condition with a link to external event as a sub event.