Hitbox collision Floor but 1px displaced up

Hi mates I’m having some issues with this values and I really don’t understand how to use it

if is set up to -16 my player sometimes goes beneath the floor

if is set up to 16 my player sometimes goes above the floor

I need this for my moving platforms and jump thru platforms.
Jump thru


Grab offset on Y
Grab offset on X
If someone can explain in which case I need to use those values and the range of them is not clear to me is negative values allowed?

That doesn’t make a lot of sense, since grab tolerance should only impact the character if “Can grab platform ledges” is enabled. You don’t have it enabled.

These tolerances is basically how far away from a platform (on either axis) can you grab a ledge when falling.


Grabbing tolerances are effective only on the right and left edge of the sprite, not above or below.

Sure your answers are ok, but this is not related to “Can grab platform ledges”
Changed title from Grab offset X/Y explanation? to Hitbox collision Floor but 1px displaced

Sometimes when the player falls it get stuck 1px above I don’t know why.
Anyway the game is released now with that known issue.

Edit: I’ve tested enabling debug draw and the same thing keeps happening.
I’m pretty sure is related to my events on the state machine, can’t figured out where.

If you are talking about hitbox there (-16/16) then
-16 means hitbox will be above the player’s sprite,
16 means it will be below the player’s sprite.