Hitbox gets stuck when climbing ladder ?

So hitbox is not really stuck on the ladder but if the ladder is under a block and hitbox climbs to the end and touch the block which is on top of hitbox .
Then hitbox just gets stuck if i press left or right and i have to press down to be able to move it again …

Take look at the picture …
It’s super annoying …

Is the player should be able to move through the platform from the bottom?
If not, what I would try is check if the player is on the ladder and collided with a platform and the platform is above the player then move the player away from the platform.

No it’s a platform not a jumpthru … Yeah tried this but didn’t work … it’s working in the platform example though … i don’t know what wrong with mine

Well, if it works in the platformer example then must be something specific to your project. Could be anything, hard to tell what exactly…

Yeah but what do you think it is ?
Collision masks ?
Is the size of the character has anything to do with this ?
Hitbox size ?

I tried a lot yesterday but no luck so far .

So what do you think are the possibilities that makes hitbox gets stuck like that ?

How is your game different to the platformer example regarding movement, platforms, controls and collision checking?

In case you kept that red square called PlayerHitBox and only changed the sprite of the Player object, maybe the height of the player object is higher than the height of the red square or at least positioned higher and so, the red square does move, but the actual character sprite does not follow it because it get stuck in the platform because it moved too high in to the platform, 1 pixel enough really. This is could be one cause if you do checking collision between the platform and the Player object and move the PlayerHitBox object that the Player follow. But not sure why would you do this, but it is a possibility.

Hard to tell without knowing exactly how your game works. I can have a look if you send me the project.
Otherwise I have no idea, maybe someone else having lot of experience with the platformer behaviour did have a similar problem.