Hitting both sprites

Hi guys, i have two sprites lets say red button and green button, when i touch on the green it gives a point and when i touch on the red it takes a point. however they both are made to spawn randomly within in an area which means sometimes the green will be half way on top of the red etc… so when i click the green it gives me a point but because the red is behind the green its also taking a point off me.

any ideas how i can make it so even if the red is behind the green a little bit, it only gives the point for the green and not count as hitting both of them

Maybe create a event coliision

if collision of red button with green button do destroy instance of red button

That way even if they are created ramdomly only one can occupy the same space

other way will be to only allow the creation of one button if not in collision with the other, I think both ways will work

Disclaimer: Im new here, literally just created the account for the forum