Hello ^^ I´m Ulises. My story is boring, so the short version is: I´m a writer (Spanish native), Translator (Eng to Spa) currently interested in making a narrative RPG. I´ll work hard on learning to use GDevelop, and I hope you all can help me on that ^^ Also, I´m currently translating a couple VNs and have another on standby, but if you have a game that you would like to get translated into spanish, as soon as I´m free I´m your guy. Nice to meet you all :smiley:

(And, since I´m already here, quick question: There is no variable or some stuff to make text apear gradually in the screen, as if being writen, in GDevelop, right?)

Hi Ulises, welcome! another spanish native here :smiley:

About the question, here is an example of typing effect: [EXAMPLE] Type-on effect [updated v2]
And another one, with a simple alignment option: Text alignment trouble

Welcome to the forum you can find several tutorials in the youtube section
Check out wikipedia where you can find lots of guides and examples if you are one of the first weapons. :smiley: