[EXAMPLE] Type-on effect [updated v2]

This is a type-on effect I made for a game I’m working on.

[size=85]—the type effect looks slightly smoother at runtime (limitations of the animated GIF format)—[/size]

So, I made this special version of the algorithm to share here in the forum.

Some easily modifiable features are:

  • Text of displayed strings
  • Number of displayed strings
  • Typing speed
  • Prompt character
  • Prompt character blinking delay

Added in v2:

  • An annoying 8-bit sound fx

v2:type-on_text_effect_v2.zip (15.9 KB)

Hope it will be useful, I would like to see the results if you include it in a game :wink:

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This is exceptionally decent and better than average post…You shook posting it…Thanks a great deal for posting it…And Happy Easter in Advance…!!!

Thanks Jack! I’m glad to know you like it! :sunglasses:

In my centralamerican country, Costa Rica (as in most parts of Latinamerica) we don’t celebrate Easter (in spanish, “Pascua”) the same way is celebrated in the United States of America (unless for comercial reasons, in stores), instead we have an entire free week from work, studies or whatever another kind of duty (a week of holidays… “holiweek”? :stuck_out_tongue: … in fact, is called “Semana Santa”… that means “Holy Week”) and the easter or “pascua” is just another day in this week, only noted by religious people (specifically, christians, mostly from the catholic denomination, who have their own rituals for this date).

So, easter or “pascua” don’t have any meaning for me as the bunny-with-colored-eggs holiday (although it has always seemed funny for me) nor as a religious celebration (I’m really respectful of religious beliefs of any kind while not interfere with the well-being of others, but I’m not a religious person).

BUT I’M HAVING A FULL VACATION WEEK! So, thanks for you greeting and happy easter for you! :wink:

A great tool that i am trying to use ,
IT only prints out the first sentence, looking at events
i noticed in event 4 Variable(automation.current.string.length) the word length was incorrectly spelled as lenght,

changing it however did not make the script work, pushing anykey would not advance the text ?

I am using gdev on ubuntu 16

Great piece ! Thank you very much !
I was wondering if I got something wrong in the code : when the whole piece of text is finished (text.string.1 for instance), it doesn’t wait for my pressing of a kay to disappear.
Is there a way for the text string to stay in display until I press a key ? I can’t seem to find a way to figure this out. :confused:

I will definetely use it in my next game Dratoonia : thank you so much for sharing it and save us huge work :stuck_out_tongue: