Host the file myself due to problem with Send Request


I have noticed that when I make an online High Score system using php and sql it all works interfacing with my game, using the send request function.

But then, when I upload it to the Gdevelop host and link to from my webpage, this doesn’t work. It is as if it is prevented from sending requests on the Gdevelop servers?

What could this be please? And how can I host my Gdevelop game fully under my server?

Thank you,


The GDevelop 5 “host” is actually just an aws S3. I am unsure if it blocks requests but it is probable that it is just a basic browser CSRF protection, not letting webapps sending requests to others that it’s server. Because else such apps could just send requests as you and impersonate you on other websites/use your account.

For making it on your website, just use the export to local folder option and make the html in your http server.

Yes, I have done that now:) Working. Thank you.

Actually, sorry no it’s not working from my host or any other but is from the Gdevelop app. It being sending a request to a web page.