I want to replicate the effect of hotline miami 2
When you kill an enemy, the number of points you gained appears with that effect

apparently, several texts of different colors are generated almost simultaneously.
and I want to know if there is an optimized way to achieve this effect.


Easiest way to do this - make sprite with that animation
Or, you can add ± 5 texts and modify their Y position by tween (With tint or by z tween you can made the color change)

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Vad is right mostly
But i would go with
Having few text fonts
In your case it would be bitmap text object
So white font would be enough for all drop shadow ones
Where 1st font would be font which is on top

And now all you need to do is spawn that text object few times
Change z order of each object
And add different force up or tween up to them
So subtracting on Y axis

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