How Can I Choose and Select an Object from a list of Similar Objects?

I am brand new here, just started creating my first app. I have limited programing skills but i have watched many tutorials.
I am trying to do a character creation in my game, where there are many choices for the user to make to create their character, ie…Skin color, hair color, eyes, etc. I watched the “girly dress up” tutorial for GDevelop on YouTube that was super helpful, but it never shows how to select multiple choices, only how to dress the mannequin with only 1 choice of hair, eyes, etc. but i want the user to be able to change until satisfied. here is my screen shot i am working with and the sprites i have developed so far. do i need to insert all animations, shirts, eyes, hair tops, pant, etc, or can i group them all in 1 animation? anyway i dont know if any of this makes sense, but if anyone knows of a good tutorial or example for this i would much appreciate it.


It looks cute, hope we see more of your progress. I can’t really help you with your questions, but here’s my thoughts anyway.

Firstly, I notice you have the same body shape for male and female. Is that intentional?

If I were doing this, I would probably try having the male and female as different objects with different shapes and have their clothes, hair and irises all white/transparent. And then I would have the different clothes as more animations for that figure object. So if the user picks long dress then you would change the naked animation to long dress animation etc. And then there would be colour choices and you would use the Tint Color action to change the long dress to blue etc…

But I think how you handle multiple choices of different clothing, shoes, hair etc depends on the nature of the game. Do you then need this dressed up character to be moving around in a game or is it more of a static dress ups type game? If it’s dress ups then just have a different object for hair, top, bottom and shoes and any facial features you want different shapes. Each object would have different animations: bottoms would have pants, shorts, skirt etc. But that might get all a bit tricky of the character also has to walk around and stuff.

Well, for this i am using the exact same base body shape, because it is a cartoon type game, and it wont be moving to much right now, just walking around. I will do basic profiles that will walk around. for the male I only have 2 hairstyles (8 different colors),3 shirts (5 different colors) 1 pair shorts(different colors), 1 pair paints (different colors) 3 different shoes, and a tuxedo. The girl will have 3 different hairstyles short hair, med. hair and long hair (8 of the same colors) 3 blouses, shorts, pants, mini skirt, med. dress, long dress, 3 or 4 different shoes, (all different colors). Then the eyes, nose and mouth. The thing I want to do is make slider bars or some way to change the choices that the user wants to pick with each tick on the slider bar. I am currently trying to make a special slider extension that will allow the object colors to change with each tick mark on the slider. if I can do this with the skin colors, I will be able to do it with the rest.

I dont necessarily have to use a slider bar, I could do check boxes, or some other way. once the choice is made, they could drag and drop onto the naked body similar to the “girly dress up” tutorial shows. any ideas for choice making without it being too complicated for me or the user will be greatly appreciated. I love doing the digital artwork myself. I use “primitive” MS Paint…lol. I could use more sophisticated software but I’m too broke for that right now, :slightly_smiling_face:

I really dont know what I’m doing with customizing a slider extension either, but I like trying to figure it out. for example, on my “skin” slider i will have 8 tick marks. With each tick mark a new skin shade will get a little darker as they slide each tick to the right. sounds simple, but for me, i can assure you it is challenging. any advice on this or a tutorial or example will again be much appreciated. The current slider extension somebody already made doesn’t have the functionality to put action to each tick.

I just had a look at the way Snapchat handles ‘dress ups’. The character is in the top half of the screen. The bottom half of the screen is the clothing choices. You scroll from left to right to get to each category, eg bottoms, tops, shoes. And then within that category you scroll down to see the choices within that category, like the different choices of shoes.

I haven’t used it for a long time but “” (don’t click on it, it goes somewhere else) is a pretty simple paint program with the scope to be more advanced if you need it to be.

This is the actual paint link

Oh, thank you for that! I will look into it, I will probably download it. Old fashioned MS Paint is rather tedious, especially trying to rotate things. I have gotten pretty good with “paint” but since is free I will start using it.