How can I copy code from one project to another?

How can I copy code from one project to another?
Why can’t I open two projects at the same time?

You can shove in all you want to copy under one group
Then select that group and hit Ctrl+C
Then open another project and just click on new event and hit Ctrl+V

Your words are wonderful
But I need to copy an element, for example, a button with an event code. What happens is that the element is copied without the code. Even in one project, when I repeat an element, I notice that it is repeated, but without any event.
I am working on the Unreal Engine, and there it is possible to copy an entire element with all its attachments, including codes or strings of connected elements. To a new project

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You can copy only event
You can’t copy object itself like its animation and properties
You would need to add that object manually in new project and just copy events for it

Maybe, you could create an extension?
You can import extensions into projects from files that got exported from another project