How can I create a clickable word in a text object?

Hello guys!

I’m creating a game based on text and management. I need help, and I haven’t found it in the documentation or on the forum. (I might have missed it, I’m not sure.)

The basic idea is a simple edited text object, (contains variables too), that has a few words that are clickable.
(Later on, I also want to change the color of the words’ letters if the mouse is above them, and if it is clicked execute some commands but I haven’t found a way to do this.)

I know that with the text objects this is possible (by adding conditions to them) but only the whole objects can have conditions (if I know correctly).

The important part is: I want the same text object having several words that are clickable and these words having different functions (add to variable value etc)

Thank you in advance!

Objects are single entities, you cannot split them like that.
You need to use a different object for each individual behavior.

Thank you for your answer.
I’ll try a different approach to the problem then.