How can i create a path over the background path on an isometric game?

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do an isometric game for a university project and i have absolutely no clue on whatever regards programming, coding and the way of thinking behind all this. I decided to first create the background on Photoshop (place all the assets, editing) and then split the final image in nine squares so the game would run easier. I proceeded with that idea cause i had in mind i would be using blocks to create the path that my player would walk on to. When i placed the blocks on the entire image (and sadly checked if it works after i was finished with placing every block), i realized that i didn’t consider my players size between the blocked areas with the result of the player not be able to move. After spending time to increase the distance between the blocks i realized that the roads were too small for that.
So i hope and wonder if there is a way to create a new path over the roads that can be seen on the attached image. In other words, instead of blocking (left and right, up and down) the area, can i place a new path over the background picture and make the player walk only on that path (which i would like to make invisible afterwords)?

Thank you for your time.

I’m not sure you can invert the pathfinding logic like that… not easily anyway. :confused:

Did you delete all the walls you placed? :grimacing:
You can edit the hitbox of your player to make it smaller, or, if you need the real-size hitbox for another aspect of your game, you can create a separate smaller invisible object that will be used for pathfinding between the walls. You just need to place the player on its position.
Hope that’s clear!


Thanks for replying! No, i didn’t delete all the walls, i just had been trying to make them smaller and shorter by the inch and by moving the player one step at the time. :weary:
I have already changed the size of the player but it didn’t help much, cause if you take a good look at the image, many of the roads i created are too small. I checked the pathfinding option but i would like for the player to be moved by the keyboard so i think this is not an option for me.
Could you please explain or give me more info about the other option you mentioned? As i understood you say that i could create an object just as the blocks/walls i created and attach/place it in front of my player and then what? Is it gonna work with the pathfinding option only, or is there any other solution?

Thank you kindly.

Sorry, I read path and associated that with the pathfinding :sweat_smile:
So, what I meant was either:

  • change the size of the hitbox of the player (not the player itself, just the hitbox).
  • create a new object, assign the top down behavior to it (for keyboard movement), and give it a very small image (5*5 px for instance). Then hide the object, and add a position action to place the player on the position of that object.

Don’t forget to remove the top down behavior from the player if you added it.

Hello again,

I have been trying to find a way to change the hitbox itself, but i don’t seem to find my way out yet and when i tried to check if i could crop any transparent area from the original assets of the player through Photoshop, i remembered that i had done it in the past. I tried the second choice you gave me but i am pretty sure i didn’t quite understand what i need to do. For example, i tried to place the player on the new box i created (without hiding the object so i would be able to see if it is moving) and the result was for the new object to start moving around and the player being static. I must be doing it wrong.
Thanks again for your time. Really appreciate it!

You must add a position event that keeps positioning the player on the box.
Here’s an example from the platformer tutorial:

I have seen this one already but it didn’t seen to work. After hours of trying to edit the hitbox as you suggested, i found by accident the ‘‘edit hitbox’’ box and it worked! I only wish i hadn’t spent my day reforming all the block walls i had created yesterday :sob:
I had opened the player’s edit object window but i hadn’t scrolled down so i couldn’t find it :disappointed:
Anyway it took me a while but with your help i did it.

Thank you very much! Best wishes :yum:

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