How can I create a Pause screen without changing the scene?

I tried pausing the game execution, it worked, but I cant resume the game. Any suggestions on how to resume the game execution or a whole different approach to my goal would be nice thanks.

You can do it creating the condition: by pressing x button (trigger once) change scene variable “Pause” set to 1. Another event: when scene variable “Pause” is 1 (trigger once), change layer time scale of “” to 0.
Then you have to create or make visible the pause menu on another layer (“UI”) with sprites, events, etc. when the scene variable “Pause” is 1.
At the end, an event with the condition: when y button is pressed (trigger once) and actions:Change scene variable “Pause” set to 0; change layer time scale of “” to 1 (and you have to delete or make invisible the pause menu layer).
This is a way…


Pretty good tutorial by Wishforge Games here.

Thank you, this was very helpful and exactly what I needed.