How can I create a wobbling effect for a character/sprite?

I’ve spent 6 hours searching for workarounds and solutions here and on YouTube, and I’ve tried the “Wobble” effect from the GameExample (Juice), but with no success. I’ve also used the “Animation-System” extension, but it hasn’t worked either. I’ve read through every post related to the wobble effect in this forum, but it seems like nothing is working for me. That’s why I’m creating this post.

So far, I’ve tried various methods, but either nothing happens, the object disappears, or it moves in a strange way.

In summary, I have a playable object that can be controlled using draggable physics, and I want to add a brief wobbling effect to it upon landing or colliding with other objects, similar to a wobbling jelly or bouncing slime.

I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance on this matter! :slight_smile:

Try tweening the height and width of the object by changing it’s scale in each axis is another option. As one axis grows, shrink the other. Do this a couple of times to get a budget wobble effect.

Hello, thanks for the tip.

I’ve tried it, but unfortunately it looks very buggy, the character flickers a lot because of it.

Still, thanks for the suggestion. If anyone else has an idea, I would appreciate a response :slight_smile:


Maybe this helps, in the video at 6:50 you can see what I’m trying to achieve:

That doesn’t sound right. Can you post a screen snip of the events, and we can help sort it out.

Oh sorry, I had already removed everything. I could try to create something similar again :/. However, is it even possible to achieve an effect like in the linked video at 6:50 using this method or GDevelop? That was supposed to be the end result, if the implementation with this method or GDevelop is possible?

Try creating it again, if you can.

It should be possible to create a basic effect like in the video. It won’t be anything flash. But try it, and see if it’s to your liking.

Have you used the tween behaviour ? Also, make sure that you don’t start a new tween untill the previous one is finished. There are conditions to test that (which I use in conjonction with the “Only once” condition)

Okay, so the attempt is shown in the screenshot.
I’m pretty sure that everything is wrong with it, but unfortunately, I don’t understand enough yet to find the errors. I only started using GDevelop last week and I’m still trying to get familiar with it.

Yes, I have used the Tween behavior and waited until the previous tween was completed. Here is a screenshot:

@Fitschlord2 , sorry, I replied to the wrong post :confused:

One thing about GDevelop scales - a scale of 1 is normal size, 2 is double size, 0.25 is quarter size etc

So your 140 is absolutely monstrously massive. Try using the tween x & y scale values as follows:

Option1 - X-scale = 1.1, Y-scale = 0.9
Option2 - X-scale = 0.9, Y-scale = 1.1
Option3 - X-scale = 1.05, Y-scale = 0.95

and add

Option4 - X-scale = 1, Y-scale = 1 (to get the object back to it’s normal size)

And use an easeInOut… easing function. It’s slower at the start and end of the tween, making it look smoother.


Oh, that explains a lot. Sorry for the inconvenience, I will give it a try. Thank you in advance for all the help :slight_smile:

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Also instead of “Tween [something] exist”, I used “Trigger once”. But maybe does your solution works (and is even better…)

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Okay, so I just tried it, as you can see in the screenshot. However, nothing is happening at all. I must have made a mistake somewhere. I will create a short video to show how it looks in-game.

Make sure you remove the tween before starting the next one.

And you can just check a tween has finished playing, you don’t need to also check it exists.

Something like:

Okay, it’s working now, thanks for your help. However, the animation is very choppy and not similar to the desired effect from the video. I might have to do without a wobble effect for now :confused:

Play round with the tween duration and the easing function. Check out for help with the right type of easing function.

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Now I am in no way more qualified or experienced than those who have attempted to answer your question.

But if I am not wrong you can get a wobble through the effects tab that can be used on the object or whole scene.

I haven’t got time to check this morning as an going to work but perhaps your answer is in this section you have not mentioned in this post?