How can I create some impassable walls ?

I’m trying to create a game that will have 8 directional character but the problem i have now is how to make the wall sprites impassable to the player. I mean the player wont be able to go across the wall like in pacman games. I can think of how to use the event system to achieve that but i will be glad if there’s an easier way to do that.


yikes! Never mind! I saw something call “stop the object” from one of the examples. that will do the trick! I underestimated the power of Gdev there.

There are even more easiest ways. For example there are predefined physics, platform objects and impassable objects. Check the “Space Marine” template and take a look at the collision masks of the objects (open the object editor for an obstacle object and find the collision mask button).

Thanks. that’s exactly what i’m looking for.