How can I find out how fast the parallax moves?

ok, so I have a looping texture, and I’m using the “horizontal parallax” behavior, that part I have figured out. What I want to do is have a point where I move the player (and thereby the camera) to a different position without the player knowing, however the parallax changes as the camera has moved. I thought “oh hey no problem, I’ll just make sure the distance the player moves along the x axis is a multiple of the pixel width of the looping texture” but that doesn’t work either because the parallax doesn’t move on a 1:1 scale with the camera. So I am wondering how exactly I can make the warp seamless?

Hmm… I haven’t used this behavior, but can’t you get the X position of the background before warp and use it after warp to reposition it?

Ah I should clarify, the background object is a tiled sprite on a layer behind the layer the game takes place on. The parallax behavior scrolls the sprite left and right as the camera moves on the main layer. I’m not entirely sure how it does this but it works well.

It sounds like you need to disable the horizontal parallax behaviour then move the player/camera, and finally enable the horizontal parallax behaviour.

Ah Frick that’s genius I’ll try that out when I have a sec