How can I get time in a way that the player can't cheat

Sorry if the title is not very clear.

Here is the thing: I want to track time like a idle game. So when the player leaves the game, I want to get the date/hour and when he comes back I want to be able to compare the saved date with this new date.

I don’t know how GDevelop works with date for a web game. But if I get the time from the player computer, he could easily cheat and change his timer. I want to avoid that.

Sorry my english, I hope you guys got the idea.

the only thing I guess is to use a ntp server from internet.

Oh, thank you! But, it is possible to you give more information?

For example, can I use: Public NTP  |  Google Developers

And how would I use it? What event I should create to get this type of information?

Sorry, I’m really lost in this.

I don’t know about JavaScript, but you can add JavaScript code in gdevelop so you can find a ntp code for jscript and use It