How can i join the gdevelop discord community?

I want to join the community on discord but I am not sure how… if i have to receive an invitation or something :smiley:

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Wasn’t there an invite link on the home page?
@4ian you may want to consider to add one.

Here is the link:

Thank you so much. If there is any link… I didn’t see it … I think there is not one

There is a link here: Download | GDevelop, in the help menu of GDevelop and this pinned thread, but maybe I can more links somewhere?

Most products have a link on the front page either direct or a link to a community or support page where forum and discord links are shared…

Sure, sure, but precisely where would you put it?
There is already this page too: Contribute to GDevelop | GDevelop - it’s not a matter of doing it but more a matter of where to put the link to it.

On the top somewhere next to download link maybe.
After downloading GD it easy to forget there was a link, I was forget.

It could be a drop-down called “Community” displaying a link to forum and discord on hover and click/touch.

I see, something like:
Download | Tutorials | Community

As the ideal way of starting with GD is 1) downloading, then 2) Read tutorials, then 3) Engage with community

Yeah something like that. This is what most products do on their home page.
Regarding the order, I don’t believe it is important but in case you mean, people need the forum only after they download the product, it may be not the case for everyone.
Personally this is what I do:

  1. Turorials and Docs, see what the product is all about, do I like the workflow and tooling or not
  2. Visit the forums and chat and see what problems and questions people have and if they get a friendly and helpful reply or not
  3. Download if I’m interested
  4. Join the community if I have any questions but search does not come up with an answer

If 1 and 2 doesn’t work out because the documentation is poor, there is no tutorials and forum is dead I normally skip and don’t even download it. Or if I see it from the docs and tuts and forum it is not for me…