How can I make a Mario Kart game?

In youtube there is a video where a user is testing the super mode 7 using gdevelop, how can this be done?:

You can use 3D boxes in GD4. By rotating, scaling the boxes and using different textures a lot can be done.
Unfortunately this feature currently is not available in GD5.


Did some research. It could be possible to add a JS extension to use the GitHub - pixijs/pixi-projection library to make some 3d but it would not be compatible with cocos2d… PIXI supports simultanous work with THREE.js, maybe cocos do too? Still Need to research about that. But boxes like GD4 seems like a pain to do in JS


As far as I know Cocos2d is only experimental, 4ian did actually told once it is ok not to support Cocos2D, nice if you do but not a priority.
Wondering if 4ian still have any plans with Cocos2D at all.

Originally GD was using 2 engines, SFML (C++) for desktop and Pixi.js (JS) for web, the idea was to replace both with Cocos2d so 4ian need to maintain a single code base only for all platforms desktop, web and even mobile.
But finally 4ian decided to stick with Pixi.js and Cocos did not received lot of attention and continue to be an “experiment” only and it is not a priority as far as I know.

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It is ok not to put it a priority, but it is necessary to think about compatible methods. If possible, it is better to implement it that way. And Coco’s looks very promising to me.

The problem with this is that, the future and purpose of Cocos2d in GDevelop is uncertain.
You may going through lot of troubles to find and implement a compatible method that works in both Cocos and Pixi and tomorrow 4ian decide to trash Cocos2d as he did trash SFML.

The way I see it, the future of Pixi is more promising.but in case you are interested in using Cocos2D of course finding a compatible method could be satisfying for sure :+1:


There is actually a way to make a mario kart style game.

My friend has recently done it.

try using this extension: WithThreeJS Extension for GDevelop by PANDAKO

these videos: Gdevelop 3D Platformer! - Tutorial - YouTube
3D in Gdevelop! - Tutorial - YouTube