How can i make a option to change the language

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How do I…

make an options menu that can change the game language

What is the expected result

being able to hear and read the desired language

What is the actual result

i don’t know how to do it

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i did not put any code

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This is a pretty advanced question, but I understand other games have done it by using a language file containing all text strings like .gxt
In GDevelop this will probably involve the use of a JSON file (never did it though) and accessing it every time a text is displayed, to change the label to the correct language.
For example, a text might show “Options” by default.
In the beginning of the scene, there would be an event to access the JSON file and change what the text displays, according to the language global variable.

You may find MrMen’s post more helpful:

You can use the Extension made by TheGemDev!

Create a global variable called “language”.
Put some buttons in the menu scene which can change the variable numbers.

Button language X is pressed = set variable “language” = 0
Button language Y is pressed = set variable “language” = 1

Then in the events you will define the text-ojects depending on the value of this variable (+use ~trigger once~ for better performance):

If variable “language” = 0 , textobject.text = “abc”
If variable “language” = 1 , textobject.text = “cba”